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Grief comes from losses like divorce, death, aging, or an empty nest, but when reframed,
loss is an opportunity to live more intentionally.
Grief is universal; it’s one of life's greatest equalizers. Loss happens unapologetically and unexpectedly leaving us to mourn and make sense of our new realities. As women 40 & 50+, odds are you've experienced your fair share of life events that involve loss. Even successes can bring losses in the change. Ageism, divorce, jobless or caregiving brings loss into our lives. In these instances, how do you cope?

“While grieving is unique to every individual, grief is universal,” states Melissa Douaire, our featured grief expert. The key to navigating and turning grief into a source of strength begins with understanding grief's common attributes and symptoms.

This working workshop is for you if: 
  • You’re feeling socially and emotionally isolated as a result of grief.   
  • You’ve experienced loss and are having a difficult time processing the grief. 
  • You’re feeling anxious, fearful, or hopeless. 

Join ordained UCC Minister and Certified Grief Counselor Melissa Douaire with Whole Person Conversations as we create a safe space to share, learn and grow. Come prepared with a list of losses or life events you or someone you love may be experiencing. Due to the sensitivity of this topic, this workshop will not be recorded and only available on May 13, at 10:00a.m.

In this workshop you will:
  • Understand the anatomy of grief.
  • Gain strategies to process grief in healthy ways.
  • Ultimately, recognize time as a precious commodity and start living with intention.

Event Activity: In this workshop, you will complete the Personal Inventory about how you react to losses and how that informs your current behaviors. You will hear the stories of others and help them name the losses and understand the power of being heard, naming and reframing losses. There will be opportunity to share if you are comfortable doing so.

BONUS: Guests that attend will have the chance to book a free 60-minute grief coaching session. A value of $150. Limited to five women.
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If 95% of brain activity is unconscious and 80% of thoughts are negative,
what can you do to reframe the past to reclaim your life? A lot.
At 40 & 50+, you’ve compartmentalized and stored away millions of experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Some good, some not so good. You may have even taken steps to “resolve these past issues” but then something happens, and these thoughts creep back into present day unconsciously influencing how you act, react or feel about a current scenario.

This working workshop is for you if:
  • You're experiencing challenges that you think will crush you.
  • You think you're not strong enough to get through challenges.
  • You think you're too old or it's too late to make significant changes in your life.
  • Join recovering alcoholic, attempted suicide survivor and ovarian cancer victor now turned certified life coach in three disciplines including Equus, Life and Eating for a revealing and interactive workshop.

In this workshop, you will:
  • Complete The Unintentional and Intentional Models worksheet and have an opportunity to practice it in a group format.
  • Understand how the unconscious influences the conscious.
  • Effectively use The Unintentional and Intentional Models to reprogram past negative thoughts.
  • Steps to turn the pain from your past into a source for inspiration.

Join recovering alcoholic, attempted suicide survivor and ovarian cancer victor now turned certified life coach in three disciplines including Equus, Life and Eating for a revealing and interactive workshop with Nancy McKay, Amazing Outlook Coaching. To set yourself up for success, show up to this workshop with an open mind and with one challenge that is giving you heartache.

Event Activity: In this workshop, you will complete The Unintentional and Intentional Models worksheet and have an opportunity to practice it in a group format.

BONUS: Guests that attend will receive a special promo code to save 20% on select coaching programs offered through Amazing Outlook Coaching.
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Save the Date: Sat., June 26 at 10 am MT (In person!)
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Here's what's on the agenda:
  1. SecondActWomen co-founders backstory, purpose and our "why"
  2. Hear about our FREE resources, tools, workshops and more for you, women 40 & 50+ looking for more in business, career and life
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"Where is it written that you hit a certain age and your value, diminishes.  It's quite the contrary. You can't teach grit, persistence, and the business insights and savvy that only life can teach, with age." 

Guadalupe Hirt, 47
Co-Founder & CCO SecondActWomen