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Andrea Palten, 45, Founding Insider member
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Courses, workshops and convos to own your next power move

We know you have game. No argument here. But even the most savvy female can use a refresher course to polish up skills, learn new ones and rock your next act. Add these events, socials and programs to your calendar and let's tag team our way to an amazing decade - together!

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Monday, May 18 | 6PM - 7PM
Monday, June 1 | 2PM - 3PM
Monday, June 15 | 6PM - 7PM

Get to know your perks and so much more as we dive into your membership. Share a little about you, learn a little about other Insiders and what they do. You never know... it just might spark some new partnerships and friendships to boot!

Key takeaways:

  • Get a guided tour of the dashboard 
  • Highlight different ways to market yourself and your business through SecondAct|Women
  • Talk through membership perks and answer questions
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BizLifeCon IRL and Virtual Event - Denver, CO
Coming in July
The ultimate collaborative national event for women 40 and 50+, BizLifeCon is a power-packed filled with connecting, learning, laughing and more! Book early for bonus savings and perks.

More details coming by May.
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Become a part of a very special community, the SecondAct|Women Insiders tribe with exclusive access to career and entrepreneurship workshops, sessions, business templates, members' only events and much more.

Get in where you fit in for only $99 for a year-long membership thru April 30. 2020.

Lead a workshop
Share your smarts, tips and tricks with us.

We're always on the look out for new presenters and speakers at our events and conferences. Share your expertise with our women to help them level-up.

Members receive 'front of the line' preferences to teach a session. Apply any time of the year and present your ideas directly to Barbara and Lupe, skipping our semi-annual Presenter Pitch days. Non-members can apply any time of the year too and can present their topic at our next Pitch day.

Once selected as a SecondAct|Women Presenter, you will:

  1. Lead a 45-minute to 2-hour presentation tailored to women over 40 and 50+.
  2. Provide downloadable/printable PDFs (template, checklist, worksheets, etc.) to accompany your session.
  3. Provide an exclusive promotion for SecondAct|Women InsidersClub members valid for a minimum of one month (where applicable).
Sample topics

Digital marketing strategy | Pivoting careers | Starting a company | Writing a book | Email marketing | Care Giving | Business planning | Branding | Landing the next career | Starting a podcast | Growth hacking | Finding the right coach

"Not sure where it's written that you hit a certain age and your value, poof - diminishes.  It's quite the contrary. You can't teach grit, persistence, and the business insights and savvy that only life can teach ... with age."
Guadalupe Hirt, 46, Co-Founder & CCO of SecondAct|Women Member