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Events for women 40 and 50+ only are far and few between. Well, we have a plethora of them right here at SecondActWomen for the entrepreneur, professional woman and females looking to connect with like-minded people.
WORKSHOP: How to Launch an E-Commerce Store
With Angie Viehman, Clutch Businesses

Earn passive income or grow your businesses revenue
Thursday, April 22, 10 am MST

2.14 billion global digital buyers! Never has there been a better time to launch online

Running a profitable E-Commerce store can add a revenue channel to your already existing business, become a new income source, or give women the flexibility to balance their lives around work with little initial capital. So, in this workshop, we’re going to hone in on what you can do to launch your online store on Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms out there.

Key takeaways:
  1. 5 types of online sales models and 3 types of products
  2. Logistics to packaging, learn what it takes to start your e-commerce business
  3. Etsy, Amazon, Shopify. How to choose the right e-commerce platform
  4. Manufacturers and suppliers – learn how to sell profitable items

22% of online retail sales projected worldwide by 2023 | online stores are an integral part of the customer experience

On the Agenda:
  • Why E-Commerce Types of E-Commerce
  • What You Need To Start an E-Commerce Business
  • How to Choose a Platform (guest activity)
  • How to Choose and sell Profitable Products (guest activity)
  • Breakout rooms to discuss platform and product discoveries

Led by Angie Viehman, Clutch Businesses, she's giving you a ton of information to grow.
WORKSHOP: Write an 'About Me' Page that Grows your Biz
With Colleen Watson, Century Plant Publishing

Keep site visitors engaged and click, click, clicking
Thursday, April 22, 5:30 pm MST

The 'About Me' page is the second most visited webpage! Is your page a snooze button or a confetti canon?

The About Me page is the second webpage 52% of consumers visit after perusing the home page. And if the average person spends less than 20 seconds on a page, you better have some pretty freakin' awesome copy (and visuals) to keep them interested. In this workshop, novelist and pro copywriter Colleen Watson will show you how to use the Pixar 5 Sentence Method to write a killer 'About Me' page that will make people want to do business with you!

Key takeaways:
  1. Learn two core strategies to write a stellar About Me page
  2. Use the Pixar 5 Sentence Story-Telling Method to share your story
  3. Tap into pro novelist tips to determine what to include or leave out of your About Me page

In this working sesh, you'll learn how to use the Pixar 5 Sentence Method to write a first draft of your About Me page.
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"Where is it written that you hit a certain age and your value, diminishes.  It's quite the contrary. You can't teach grit, persistence, and the business insights and savvy that only life can teach, with age." 

Guadalupe Hirt, 47
Co-Founder & CCO SecondActWomen