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Our goal at SecondActWomen is to pioneer a virtual marketplace to foster and promote the 40 & 50+ female business owner she-cosystem. On top of dealing with ageism and sexism, our community has been the hardest hit in 2020. While this year has been challenging, we're rallying behind YOU - to help boost your company's visibility, market reach, and bottom line.

Visit now thru December 31 and support these women-owned companies. Plus, register to win a holiday gift basket from our businesses! Register here.

Apply to take part. It's not too late to have your business listed! Are you a woman-owned company over 40 years young with a product, service, non-profit or book you want to promote? Submit to take part in the program here by December 10th.

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Workshop: Design with Canva
Create graphics and campaign promos like a pro

Tuesday, Dec 1 at 10am MT

$0 SecondActWomen Insider Members | $29 Non-members

Expert | Barbara Brooks, SecondActWomen

Barbara Brooks (53) is the founder and CEO of Denver-based SecondActWomen. She is an award-winning marketing and public relations specialist and three time entrepreneur with a passion for all things marketing.

Providing guidance and an on-hands approach to using Canva and creating dynamic marketing and promotional campaigns including branding and marketing best practices all taught by marketing and PR specialist, Barbara Brooks of SecondActWomen. She’ll guide you through a three-part workshop built on the foundation of marketing best practices to help you boost your social media acumen and business or personal branded message.

You’ll have homework for each session to get you familiar with Canva and each event will be recorded in case you miss a little something!

Three-Part Session

Part 1 | Key Canva Tips, Tricks and Hacks 60-minutes

Pre-event: Sign up for Canva free version and come with questions

  • Branding 101
  • Graphic design best practices and sizing
  • Canva tools and applications
  • Create a story board for your brand
  • Learn tips, tricks, and hacks before getting started to make it easier!

Bring: Notepad and pen!

Homework: You’ll receive at the session!

Part 3 | Show & Tell with Canva Q&A 45-minutes

Pre-event: Do your homework!

  • Learn to embed posts into emails, presentations, and websites
  • Review your social posts

Bring: Your favorite post to show & tell

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Panel: Wellness tips to get through the holidays
Give yourself the gift of a more healthful holiday season

Wednesday, December 9 at 11am MT

$0 SecondActWomen Insider Members | $10 Non-members

Experts | Deborah Rankin, RD, Maite Oluma, Nikki Aiello

The holidays are supposed to be times of celebration, togetherness, and happiness. But in the wake of a difficult and stressing year, the holidays might take on new form and bring on new challenges to our physical and emotional health that we might not be sure how to navigate. Join this panel of experts as they dive into tips and ideas to keep your physical, mental and energy health up during the holidays.

  • Small, sustainable steps into your daily routine to positively affect your health
  • Simple tips to self-balance your body's energy chakra points
  • Mini yoga "snack" routines to help mentally and physically reset

Bring: Questions to ask of the panel.

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Workshop: Job search tips in a COVID-economy
HR-proven tips to improve your interview and job search approach

Wednesday, December 16 at 11am MT

$0 SecondActWomen Insider Members | $10 Non-members

Expert | Lyndal Larkin, Larkin Leadership

Lyndal Larkin is an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant. She has spent the past 18+ years as an HR executive working in diverse industries ranging from early and mid-stage tech start-ups to luxury hospitality and global travel retail.

Many of us are experiencing job loss and unexpectedly finding ourselves immersed in a highly-competitive - and sparse - job market. Others are considering changing careers completely. This is a rare opportunity to pause, reflect and deliberately consider how you will engage in the job search in a COVID economy. For starters, you must have a clear understanding of your current career objectives and the unique competitive advantages that you bring to this job opportunity.

  • How to level up your mental game and embrace the growth mindset 
  • Tips and tools to tone and tighten your job search and interviewing techniques 
  • Ways to define and leverage your competitive advantage 

Bring: Notepad and pen!

Homework: You will receive a special deal to join a Coaching Triad to support you in your job search journey. During this program, you will learn how to customize your competitive advantage, practice key interview techniques and develop lifelong networking skills.

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Workshop: How to shed 2020 and sparkle in 2021
Time to be seen for who you are and own your worth in any situation

Wednesday, December 29at 11am MT

$0 SecondActWomen Insider Members | $10 Non-members

Expert | Lora Cheadle, Lora Cheadle Life Choreographer

Lora Cheadle is an intuitive hypnotherapist who uses the burlesque and 5-steps of FLAUNT! to empower women to reclaim their power, passion, and enthusiasm for life and be seen for who they are. She is the author of FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self.

Would you like to reclaim the power, passion, and enthusiasm you had before life got in the way and interrupted your mojo? Whether it’s the patriarchy, your relationships, or even a world pandemic, learn how you can set yourself free to FLAUNT! all that you are inside. Participants will learn how the five steps of FLAUNT! will allow them to develop Naked Self-Worth®, which is the ability to value themselves for who they are right now, not for who they think they should be, who they are in relation to others, what size they wear, or the size of their paycheck. 

  • How to recognize and release your labels, roles, and scripts and untangle yourself from the past. 
  • Comfortably and confidently reveal yourself as you are and let go of how you think you should be. 
  • Take the lead in the dance of life and re-choreograph your future your own way!

Bring: Notepad and pen!

Homework: You will receive a special deal to join a Coaching Triad to support you in your job search journey. During this program, you will learn how to customize your competitive advantage, practice key interview techniques and develop lifelong networking skills.

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Barbara Brooks, 54 and Guadalupe Hirt, 47 Co-founders of SecondActWomen

Returning in January 2021

Are you considering joining the Insiders club, but want to learn a lil' more before you make your decision? Join us and get a behind-the-scenes look at all the resources, tips, convos and perks we have in store to help advance women 40 & 50+. Learn why and how SecondActWomen is rallying women to re-script ageist bias by owning their value at work and in life and how you can take part in this important mission.

Here's what's on the agenda:
  1. SecondActWomen co-founders backstory, purpose and our "why"
  2. Hear about our events and programs targeting you, women 40 and beyond
  3. Learn how you can get involved in the mission to re-script ageism
  4. Learn more about our membership program and big-time perks just for you

Join us and you'll have a chance at win a SecondActWomen care pack that includes an #ageless graphic tee and the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek just for showing up

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Tuesday, November 24 at 2pm-2:45pm MT
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  5. Get deeper dive into your membership perks.
The Morning Cup with
Barbara & Guadalupe
Thursdays at 9am MT on SecondActWomen Facebook Live

Welcome to The Morning Cup with co-founders of SecondActWomen, Barbara and Lupe. We’re bringing you the latest BizLife topics, tips and info by and for women 40 & 50+. Join the conversation live at SecondActWomen on Facebook.

"Where is it written that you hit a certain age and your value, diminishes.  It's quite the contrary. You can't teach grit, persistence, and the business insights and savvy that only life can teach, with age." 

Guadalupe Hirt, 47
Co-Founder & CCO SecondActWomen