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Events for women 40 and 50+ only are far and few between. Well, we have a plethora of them right here at SecondActWomen for the entrepreneur, professional woman and females looking to connect with like-minded people.
2021 Events Calendar
CEO Strategy Workday + Workshop
Female business owners over 40, join Barbara Brooks with SecondActWomen to walk you through a series of activities to help you set intentions, SMARTER goals, and get clear(er) on your objectives for your company, career -- or personal life.

As the CEO of your business (and life), this is the day set for you to learn a few things to build growth and focus on the next half of the year. The CEO Strategy Workday + Workshop is your day to work ON your company as the owner instead of IN your company as the operator.

Plus, let's celebrate your wins from the year so far and start with meeting other women 40 & 50+ like you.
Business owners will get our Business Audit and Life Wheel, and everyone receives a CEO Trigger Task List pre-event.

8:30 am – 9:15 am | Coffee + Connecting (Live + Zoom)
9:15 am – 10:15 am | CEO Workday quick start, intention-making activity workshop with Barbara Brooks (Live + Zoom)
10:15 am – 3 pm | CEO strategy self-work (Live) at RISE Collaborative Workspace Denver or your home -- you just need to put in the work.


  • Goals (if you have them)
  • CEO tools: laptop, planner, financials, analytics, content plan and/or project work
  • :30 elevator pitch
  • Lunch (if you’re stay at RISE for the day) *

Pre-Event Homework
  • Print CEO Strategy Workday Trigger Task List (editable and printable)
  • Subscribe to SecondActWomen’s YouTube channel and Instagram page
  • Like RISE Instagram page

Our quarterly CEO Strategy Workdays + Workshops for women 40 and 50+ are your days to get out of the muck and day-to-day grind to focus.
More info Coming Soon!
Save the Date: Sat., June 26 at 10 am MT (In person!)
We're Not Your Ordinary Group
Curious to know what the heck we're all about?
Do you want to dive deeper into the community? Are you considering joining the Insiders club, but want to learn a lil' more before you make your decision?

Join the founders of SecondActWomen Barbara Brooks (54) and Guadalupe Hirt (47) and get a behind-the-scenes look at the development programs, online tools and biz+life meetups we have in store to help advance women 40 & 50+. Learn why and how SecondActWomen is rallying women to reimagine what's possible at 40 & 50+ and then act on it in business, career and life!

Here's what's on the agenda:
  1. SecondActWomen co-founders backstory, purpose and our "why"
  2. Hear about our FREE resources, tools, workshops and more for you, women 40 & 50+ looking for more in business, career and life
  3. Learn how you can get involved in the tribe
  4. Check out Insider membership program and big-time perks just for you

Join us and we'll have a Personal Brand Worksheet for you to draft your own elevator pitch for brand YOU.

Join the SecondActWomen Club
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Tap into a private biz+life space chock-full of entrepreneur, career + life tools, resources, convos and networks to ReThink, ReTool and ReBoot your life with a hefty splash of social fun to boot.

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"Where is it written that you hit a certain age and your value, diminishes.  It's quite the contrary. You can't teach grit, persistence, and the business insights and savvy that only life can teach, with age." 

Guadalupe Hirt, 47
Co-Founder & CCO SecondActWomen