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Barbara Brooks, 54 and Guadalupe Hirt, 48 Co-founders
40 is the New 40. 50 is the New 50. Full stop.
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We're your place for business, career, and life events, digital content, and community built by and for fierce businesswomen over 40 and 50. It's your very own club or—as we say—a sisterhood of "middlescent" women reimagining our lives even when corporate, society, and others say we're over. Because nothing could be further from the truth. Can we get an Amen!

Start-up and flourish
Get the job the fits 
Live life on your terms
Growing a new business can be quite the learning curve and we're here to help you fill your biz box with the stuff you need to succeed.
Gendered ageism is prevalent in corporate so get career strategies and tools to help land the job you want or reinvent your career entirely.
Middlescence is filled with ups and downs why not get real stories, advice, tips from women like you to help that inspires you to keep going.
Truly, the Future is Female 40 & 50+

Ivette Flower, 44


Laura Rubin, 49


Chelle Johnson, 54

It's our time.

It's no secret. Society says we're over the hill. We say we're at the top of the hill. Corporate says we're too old for a do-over. We say we're just getting started.

The problem is that we're steadily losing the opportunity to stay in the workplace, level up, pivot careers and receive funding to startup companies. We live in a youth-obsessed culture that sees women 40 & 50+ as past their prime, but nothing could be farther from the truth. We're living life in full color and don’t want to turn back the clock. After all, 40 is the new 40. 50 is the new 50. Heck, we don’t fear aging, but we do reject ageism. #wearevaluable

Our community boasts programs, events and conferences to lift you up in business, career and life!
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We're on a mission to set the record straight about women 40 & 50+. The time is now to challenge status quo and reclaim our narrative. We know we're preaching to the choir when we say that life is just getting started and we're done being told otherwise.

Let's get social!
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Join our digital tribes! We are connecting women wherever they are in the world and we're serving up a safe space to for deep convos, information, tips and trends for us -- women 40 & 50+.

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"Women supporting women, especially in a generation left to fend for themselves creates a powerful force of unstoppable females."
Barbara Brooks, 54, Founder & CEO of SecondAct|Women

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