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Gendered ageism is the new sexism, but we’ve got you.

We're All About Spurring the Businesses, Careers and Big Ideas of Women 40 & 50+

We’re a pro-age membership community created by and for women 40 & 50+ delivering educations, events and support to meet you where you’re at today, and help you get to where you want to go in business, career and life. 

They may say our age is a disadvantage. We say, prove it. We’re only getting started and that’s why SecondActWomen is here to help you. Join our group of businesswomen looking to start or grow their businesses, lands jobs or simply, find out what they want to do next in their second act. 

Grab a seat at our expert-led professional and personal development workshops, conferences, and special events.

Complete workshop exercises, watch on-demand video shorts, and get access to worksheets and templates.

Connect, collaborate and share ideas inside our private Insiders events, masterclasses, and Facebook group page.

Elevate Your Work, Life and Money

Upskill to learn small business best practices and build a stellar career after 40.

30+ virtual (and live) events a year, on-demand business, career, and life video shorts, and boot camps curated for female founders and professional women over 40.

  • Work, Life Career goal-setting
  • Landing media for your brand
  • Breaking the LinkedIn algorithm to get hired
  • Menopause and her 32 symptoms
  • Dating and finding your human after 40
  • Mental health fireside chats
  • Learning to write and publish a book 
  • Creating your brand with Canva
  • Starting up Q&A live streams
  • Career Q&A live streams
  • Job recruiter panels
  • and more!

Ageism is Real, But it's Not Stopping Us

SecondActWomen co-founders experienced ageism,
and that's what started it all.

We’re glad you found us friends and allies. We’re Barbara and Guadalupe, your SecondActWomen middlescence coaches who founded this company because we COULDN’T GET HIRED at 40 & 50+. Instead of job offers, we got Dear Jan letters telling us we were too experienced, not a culture fit or all together ghosted!

Yep. We’ve been exactly where you are and instead of letting gendered ageism go unchecked, we took an idea off the shelf, and together launched SecondActWomen. Your place to gather, grow and access programs, tools, and support to help you go next level. 

Whether you’re in business for yourselfare a career gal, or simply trying to figure out this new life stage, welcome to y(our) community. 

Barbara, Business Brand & Visibility Coach (55) and Guadalupe, Life Coach, (48)

At SecondActWomen, you’re not alone. Here’s just a few of the many kickass women ready to help you make power moves.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wilde Photography, a brand photographer in Denver.

ReThink. ReInvent. ReBoot.

It's your time. Chelle, Sarah, Michelle and others are waiting to meet you on the inside.

Allies, You're Invited to Back the Mission

We're out there jumpstarting the gendered ageism convo
to ensure y(our) story is heard.

Facebook Welcomes SecondActWomen into the Meta Family

Out of 14,000 Facebook communities, SA|W made the top 31 to take part in their community accelerator program. Together with our business coaches at Facebook and Founder Gym, we’re doing the work to build a strong second-act community.

Next Avenue Recognizes
SecondActWomen as 2021 Influencers in Aging

Since 2015, Next Avenue, an online media platform that’s part of the PBS system, has recognized influencers advocating for age positivity. This year, the co-founders of SA|W joined this distinguished list of honorees.

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You're on Fire at 40 & 50+

Watch and we guarantee inspiration to keep on moving on.

Hear more about SecondActWomen

Kicking off Women’s History Month on the Kathie J. Show in Denver we shared our vision for women 40+ and all the upcoming projects we have in store for you.

She’s making Colorado HERstory herself. She’s the first woman to have her own television show with her name in the title. Yaaaas!

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We're getting real inside our groups talking health, menopause, dating and of course, leveling up in our businesses and careers.

“Women supporting women, especially in a generation left to fend for themselves, creates a powerful force of unstoppable females. I’m one of them.”
Barbara Brooks, 55, Founder & CEO of SecondActWomen