BizLife community of women 40 & 50+
Barbara Brooks, 53, Co-founders and Guadalupe Hirt, 47
Welcome to SecondActWomen
We're redefining who we are as women 40 & 50+

It's no secret. Society says we're 'over the hill'. We say we're at the top. Corporate says we're too old for a do over. We say it's time to start again. Ageism is real and we're a membership community spurring the businesses, careers and big ideas of women 40 & 50+.

We're rallying women 40 & 50+ to pivot, or as we like to say, swivel, by delivering entrepreneurship, career and second act life development courses, resources and tools by and for women like you. It's our time to live boldly and step into the prime of our lives - aka our #middlescence and design our own futures. We're #betterthanever.


Rebecca 43


Mia Voss, 55


Andrea Palten, 46

Three Key Pillars
Spurring women 40 & 50+ into action, growth and landing jobs
Education & Development
Business, career and life-development coursework, workshops, expert panels and round table discussions to level up your business, career and life.
Digital Content
Relevant and timely content, downloadable templates, programs and live stream shows to keep you in the know and provide the tools to get the job done like a boss.
Signature Events
Social sips, fireside chats and virtual conversations to virtually and IRL connect with a pretty awesome squad of women 40 and 50+.
A business, career and lifestyle club just for us

Signature events, workshops, on-demand programs and so much more.

Get more from your community of women 40 and beyond by joining the SecondActWomen Insiders for deeper dives, 24/7 access to on-demand expert-led videos, curated content, printables and downloads to go next level at no additional costs (BizLIfeCon exception).

$129 membership sale! Plus, the book, Start With Why by Simon Sinec courtesy of Douglas County Libraries. 

Insider Weekly Happenings

  • Business, career + life workshops, sessions or panel events and programs
  • Insider member eNewsletter filled with info, grants and resources just for members
  • Trending news,  announcements and support on private Facebook group page

Insider Bi-Monthly Happenings

  • Exclusive virtual (and IRL) socials
  • ClubHouse co-work gathering space at WorkAbilty (pending government approval)

Insider Ongoing Happenings & Takeaways

  • Business directory listing on SecondActWomen website and mobile app (coming in fall)
  • Cross-promotional marketing opportunities online and offline for Insider businesses and gigs
  • Member-led sessions and blog contributions
  • Insider member celebrations (IRL or virtual - depending)
  • Video library of sessions and events
  • Done-for-you BizLife printables and downloads
  • #ageless graphic t-shirt

Hurry! Join the Insiders for only $129 a year. Offer ends August 15, 2020.

We're focused on women 40 & 50+ for a BIG reason...
Ageism. Full stop.
We're steadily losing the opportunity to stay in the workplace, level up, pivot careers and receive funding to startup companies. We live in a youth-obsessed culture that sees women 40 & 50+ as past their prime, but nothing could be farther from the truth. We're living life in full color and don’t want to turn back the clock. After all, 53 is the new 53. 46 is the new 46. Hell, we don’t fear aging, but we do reject ageism. #wearevaluable

The Morning Cup with Barbara & Lupe

Thursdays 9am-10am inside
SecondActWomen's Facebook group page here.

Grab a cup of Joe or English tea and join SecondActWomen founders, Barbara Brooks and Guadalupe Hirt for real talk for real women 40 & 50+  offering up an entertaining source for business and lifestyle topics, trends, and info relevant to modern living in middlescence!

Feature interviews with insightful guests and industry experts, engaging convos with our viewers and takeaways to own your second act.

Crush goals
Hot topics to design your own bizlife.

Online and offline, we're covering a variety of subjects catered for the women 40 & 50+. Starting and growing a company, digital marketing tactics and tools, owning your wealth, care-giving, public relations and influencer marketing today, productivity, mental wellness and health to name a few.

Insider, Michelle Fox, 47

Our message is getting out
We're elevating our collective voice one story at a time.

We're on a mission to set the record straight about women 40 & 50+. The time is now to challenge status quo and reclaim our narrative. We know we're preaching to the choir when we say that life is just getting started and we're done being told otherwise.

Let's get social
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"Women supporting women, especially in a generation left to fend for themselves creates a powerful force of unstoppable females."
Barbara Brooks, 53, Founder & CEO of SecondAct|Women

SecondAct|Women is a subsidiary of Bloom+Co Presents, a minority- and female-owned company based at WorkAbility Co-working space (also femaled-owned). 1576 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203