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High schooler, Barbara Brooks, circa 1985 ready to take on the world.


Barbara Brooks, 57

Founder | Speaker | Moderator | Pro-Age Guide, Educator and Advocate Hyping Women Over 40

Meet Barbara Brooks, a trailblazing force at 57, dedicated to championing women in middlescence. As a powerhouse women’s community leader, pro-age speaker, and devoted volunteer, Barbara embodies a unique blend of vision, savvy, humor, and heart.

With a rich background as an award-winning marketer in shopping centers and mixed-use industries, including Park Meadows Retail Resort, Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Utah’s landmark, Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, and Sundance Square Entertainment District in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Barbara’s journey has been marked by innovation and impact. Barbara’s career pivoted to IHeartMedia, Gannett, and CBS Radio, where she excelled in sales and marketing.

Today, she’s the charismatic leader, speaker, and visionary behind SecondAct|Women, founded by her in 2018 at 51. Launched as a social enterprise intricately crafted to amplify the voices of dynamic, middlescent women, the mission is clear: empower women over 40 in their encore careers and life journey. This is achieved through delivering peer-driven, engaging events focused on work, life, aging, and financial well-being, alongside offering curated content within a thriving community of over 10,000 women and allies.

Barbara’s impact extends globally. She has been named an Influencer in Aging by PBS’s Next Avenue and featured in  Forbes, MarketWatch, Fast Company, the Denver Post, CBS Colorado, and Colorado Public Radio. Barbara was recently honored as one of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s Top 25 Most Powerful Women. Her influence has reached major platforms, having spoken at Denver Startup Week five years in a row and at Western Union, Microsoft Denver HQ, and Zayo. Barbara has been heard on Pfizer’s podcast, Menopause UnMuted, the UK’s Ageism is Never in Style, and Second Act Stories. Her company achieved a significant milestone by graduating from Facebook’s Facebook’s Community Accelerator program.  

Barbara holds a degree from Colorado State University and is an alumnus of Sigma Kappa Sorority, grounding her visionary leadership in a solid educational foundation. Alongside others, she continues to pave the way for women to thrive in their second acts, working to leave a mark on the landscape of the pro-aging movement.

Community Service

Dedicated to positively impacting the community, Barbara has actively contributed her time and expertise as a committed board member, gala chairperson, and volunteer for several non-profit organizations. Her philanthropic efforts extend to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, where she represented the Colorado Firefighter Calendar, whose donations benefited children at the burn center, made food with friends for the families at Ronald McDonald House, mentored youths, and led gala event planning for Friends First Foundation, supporting the women and men recipients of Sense of Security, an organization committed to providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients undergoing treatment. Recognizing the importance of advancing medical research, Barbara was a two-time gala chair for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital events in Denver. She has contributed to the organization’s mission of finding cures and saving children’s lives through her involvement. Additionally, Barbara has actively 

Barbara’s multifaceted involvement in these non-profits reflects her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Whether leading events, serving on boards, or offering hands-on support, she is a compassionate force for positive change within the community.

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Featured in Forbes, Next Avenue, and The Denver Post

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