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Okay, does any of this sound like you?

I own a business...

and I left corporate to start my own business. I need help operating a company as the CEO.

and I want access to real business strategy and vision development to grow that’s led by women 40+ who’ve been there done that, and still doing it today.

and I’m craving opportunities to engage with other savvy middlescent female founders. 

I work for a company...

and I’m trying to navigate or even survive my day job at 40+. I want new resources to stay relevant.

and I’m part of the “corporate downsize club.” I’m trying to figure out my next career move and could use some guidance, support and connections.

and I’m excited to meet other career women my age who are in the same boat.

I'm over 40...

and I’m struggling with confidence,  imposter syndrome, and valuing my personal and professional worth.

and I’m feeling aged-out at work and in life. I’m looking for support and safe space to make new friends and connect with other like-minded women 40+.

and I’m wanting to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

Join the club. Literally.

Get ready. Our Insiders membership club opens Thursday, December 1.

Today is your lucky day.

Big Insider Perks

We're here to 'build you up' by giving you access to...

A female-led, 40 & 50+ ah-ma-zing community built just for you that’s chock-full of small business, career, and life at 40+ tools, preferred pricing, VIP status at events by and for women 40 & 50+, and that’s not all! 

Also included is a done-for-you business and career printables library. Plus, gain access to a pro-age open global Facebook community and private Insiders group of dynamic women just like you.

second act sampler

Small business owner Freebie

We deliver new downloadable fillable forms and worksheets every month to make your job a bit easier and go next level in your business.

Career women. We’ve got you covered. Join and you’ll have free reign on career-focused worksheets and more.

events, conferences and retreats for you

Become an Insider and $ave on Events

We have lots in store for you starting with our Unplug Fall Retreat and ending the year with our Business Goal Setting and Vision Boarding event. As an Insider, you get 30% off of our programs.

Our purpose-built Insiders membership club meets you where you’re at on your journey!

Insiders Club Membership

Private live in Denver + virtual membership community for women 40 & 50+.
$ 149 a year and that's it.
  • Savings and VIP status at events
  • Free Business Directory listing on the website
  • All-access to small business, career and life printables
  • Monthly promotional opportunities on digital plaforms
  • Private Insiders Facebook group page
  • Insider-only networking live and virtual events
  • Savings on business and career visibility group coaching by Barbara Brooks
Open 12/1
go bigger in business, career and life in middlescence

Become a SecondActWomen Insider Today

We’ve created a member community for women 40 & 50+ to go next level. We help female founders access ownership, strategy, vision and marketing best practices, while creating space for career professionals to upskill, set, and achieve their goals in the second half. Oh, and we’re all about community connections too! 

Membership Opens Thursday, December 1

We've Got You Covered

When joining our Insiders sisterhood, you’re experiencing small business, career, and life at 40+ events and programs to get inspired, and take action. You see, #womendontexpire and you’ll be connected to others like you who may be experiencing ageism and imposter syndrome, or looking to start up successfully, grow their business, or switch careers entirely. 

We’ve got you covered inside the SecondActWomen community with our expert-led programming by and for women 40 & 50+.

You are Unstoppable

Check out the video and get inspired!

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Bold, Dynamic and Living Life at 40+

...these are a few of your second act sisters

Claudia Gill
Grief Coach

Jess Bonasso
Personal Development Coach

Arezou Zarafshan
Tech Company Founder

Chelle Johnson
Career Coach

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