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The Importance of [a Women’s] Community

We know every woman has power. And when you bring more women together, that power is unstoppable, and that’s how we like to roll at SecondActWomen. After all, work and life are best experienced in the company of others. It goes without saying when we say others, family and friends are a no-brainer. But, what about those others you’re introduced to via a friend, you meet at a social event, or in line grabbing coffee at Starbucks. At SecondActWomen, we’ve created plenty of ways to connect with other fabulous women 40 & 50+, be it in our SecondActWomen 40 & 50+ Women’s Group on Facebook, our SecondActWomen’s Group on LinkedIn, or our Insiders paid membership group.   And while there are groups for just about anything and everything these days, we’re a group by and for women over 40 providing you knowledge-sharing, good ‘ol fashion fun, motivation, advocacy, and substance to advance your business, career, and life in middlescence. We want to be those ‘other’ women who become part of your female pack. Since 2018, we’ve been evolving to meet the growing and changing needs of our dynamic women 40 & 50+. Those businesswomen who seem to be movin’ and shakin’ 24×7 and are always working to be better, create impact, lift others up, and make some money doing what they love. Can you relate? Of course, you can, because we’re talking about you!   Our community is primarily made up of business owners and corporate career women from all over the world. To say you’re in good company is an understatement. We’ve got women from all walks of life with diverse professional backgrounds, varying levels of education, and experience who have joined our community and helped us create an amazing hub for women 40 & 50+ to gather, grow, and kick booty in their second act. And that’s why we keep at it. Hustling to create new events, workshops, boot camps, tools, and resources to meet you where you’re at today and help you get to where you want to go.   Now, just like anything, we will always be in a perpetual state of progress because we know that as dynamic women, your needs will change. It’s our goal to grow with you to meet your new needs and connect you with other like-minded women on this same journey. In other words, we want to be your landing and launching pad today and tomorrow.   Introducing Our NEW Insiders Virtual Membership Level That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re adding a new membership level to the Insiders Group! It’s the Insiders Virtual Membership level. We created this 100% virtual level, especially for our kickass community of women living outside of Denver who are usually unable to attend the live, in-person educational workshops, events, and socials.   For only $149 a year, this level affords women access to all the digital tools, resources, discounts, and perks that come standard with the Insiders Live+Virtual Membership level, minus the in-person experiences. However, if someday you’re able to join us live at one of our conferences or retreats–woohoo!–we’d love to have you, and with this level, you’d receive 20% off an in-person experience.