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Start it. Now. There’s no time to waste

We did it! We pushed start and created The Morning Cup by and for women over 40 and 50+. Co-hosting with my #workwife and business partner, Guadalupe Hirt (46), the show features engaging interviews with industry experts and real people experiencing life in their second act.

Streaming live on SecondAct|Women social platforms, together, Guadalupe Hirt and I share our real-life experiences, unfiltered opinions, and distinctive points of view on trending topics and viral, shareable content for women 40 & 50+.

Back story…

It was only six or seven years ago I walked into a local talent office in Denver, pitched a few unscripted show ideas. Having no industry experience, I left the meeting full of excitement. After all, she seemed to like the stories I wanted to tell – and me. I called friends letting them know I was sure something would happen. And that’s where the story ends. So I concluded at the time. That’s NOT where the story ended. Turns out. It was simply put on pause. The timing wasn’t right. The stories I wanted to share were not to be told then. In fact, the stories were meant to be told today with much greater depth and more under my belt.

Fast forward to today. We’re in quarantine and it’s time to innovate. Think outside the box (I know. Cliche). This is the time. After all, I found my passion. My purpose and my new career all at 51 (in 2018). So it’s May and I’m 12 weeks into self-quarantine and time to launch yet another big idea that had sat in my mind for years, on scratch paper and in Evernote. And just like that, no major plan in place (one of my favorite things to do), The Morning Cup launched May 7th laryngitis and all with no need for an agency to lend a hand or own the content.

The show is for US. For us to share stories, uplift and light a fire for others while keeping it real. It’s about you, Lupe and me – the women over 40 & 50+ who have been through, around and over it. It’s about grabbing your first cup of Joe or hot tea in the morning and savoring its contents. It’s a show about you.

So, is this your time?

I’ll say it again, get out of your head and pull that old idea from your mind. Dust it off and move. The same goes for the new idea that came to you over one of your restless nights (uh huh. I have them too, girrrl).

Action: Take out a blank sheet of paper and go! Write down all the ideas, tasks and actions and put them into motion. Start. It.

To help get you going, download this worksheet to brain dump and plot your next steps. And let me know how it goes. Lupe and I are here for you. I’m at

The Morning Cup: Live Thursdays at 9am MT on SecondAct|Women’s Facebook group page and recorded on our YouTube channel. Subscribe today.

Barbara Brooks, 53 | Founder & CEO of SecondAct|Women