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Find Your Work from Home Job

Sure, we are all home now and you’ve planted yourself at your dining room table, took over your guest bedroom (or college students’ room) or your couch for work and it feels all right. You have a routine or semblance of one and getting work done. Now you’re thinking it suits you to work from home and you would like to pursue it now or when the time is right.

I’m sharing a few ways for you to find #WFH (Work From Home) opportunities to design your future whether it be permanently working from home or as a side gig as the gig-economy explodes.

Step 1. Determine the type of job
Start with what types of positions move you and what are you an expert at doing. How can you be an expert at your next profession by adding a few more skills?

Action: Brain dump what you do well in your career including the actual tasks and the skills that go along with them. Circle the top 3-5 you enjoy most and translate them into the type of jobs to pursue. By the way, a good mind map never hurts!

Step 2. Learn more. Full stop.
You’re on your way to finding your remote job but you learn there may be a few moire skills or certificates you need under your belt.  That’s okay. Google has you covered.

Action: Take the top 3-5 thing you excel at doing – and really enjoy from your brain dump and list the skills and education associated with each. Brain dump or mind map the tools, resources, and courses and workshops you need to up-skill and sign up for them! There’s plenty of free options our there too. (Especially right now).

Resource: SecondAct|Women Insiders gain access to professional development sessions, downloadable worksheets, and templates with their membership, and for a limited time, non-Insider members can participate in free business, career and self-development workshops thru April 30.

Step 3. Renovate your CV
It’s time to update your CV and cover letter. Yes. Cover letter. Most recruiters indicated they prefer a customized cover letter accompanying a resume. Tip: Be mindful of how far you go back as most recommend no more than 10-12 years. This perpetuates age discrimination and is no longer needed on resumes.

Action: Research the latest information and CV style. Make changes and remember to add your new talents.

Resource: Use Canva to spiff up the look and feel or Google ‘resumes’ in your field and mock them in Word or Google Docs. My Fairy God Boss has good recommendations for updating your resume.

Step 4. Finding Your #WFH Job
You’ve done the work. Resume in hand. But where do you find the position you’ve set your sights on? Most job sites lack good “remote work” filters, which usually results in hours of sifting through freelance jobs. Ryan Robinson recently published a great article that highlights 78 sites that do the sifting for you recognizing freelance, gig and full-time positions in your search.

Action: Begin! No matter the current atmosphere, start searching. There are jobs out there. It just  takes persistence.

Good luck, girl. You’ve. Got. This.


Barbara Brooks, Founder & CEO of SecondAct|Women