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8 ways to grow your business

Starting and growing a business isn’t necessarily easy and the success of your company rests solely on you. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to keep your business moving forward and there’s no better time than the present to dive deep. Get to know your customer better and create new ways to boost your bottom line by putting a few of our tips into action. Get to know your customer better and create new ways to boost your bottom line by putting a few of our tips into action.

  1. Review and edit your marketing goals and marketing plan. Whether you’re just starting out or have had your business for years, if you don’t have goals or some sort of a plan, set a deadline and get them done. Marketing your business without specific goals or a plan wastes time and money. A plan is your road map.
  2. Think about your business from the customer’s point-of-view. What’s good. What isn’t? What makes your business a standout? Where else can they get what you offer? What do you/can you offer that competitors don’t? Now is the time to focus on your customer and how your business solves their problem.
  3. Be different from the others. Find something that distinguishes your business and you from your competitors – and promote the difference. It could be a service, product or a perceived difference or a solution to their problem. Action: Grab a piece of paper and brain dump your company features and benefits.
  4. Be an active connector. Search, join and get actively involved with organizations that your customers might belong to and remember that your goal is to be a giver, not a taker and secondly, build name recognition and trust. Tip: SecondAct|Women is a wonderful company reaching the modern women over 40+. Membership is 45% off at only $99 for the year too!
  5. Form strategic alliances with other businesses. Look for businesses that reach your target market and consider ways you can work together. Whether you actively market each other’s services, or team up to jointly work on clients’ jobs, strategic alliances can extend your reach and firm up your bottom line.
  6. Segment your market. Create products and services or develop specialties that genuinely appeal specifically to the needs of each segment. Remember: Your goal is to ultimately solve a problem they may have.
  7. Talk to your customers. Set up a Zoom call and ask them for feedback. Get to know them again. Ask them about their needs especially in our ‘new normal’; what are their current issues; what has worked in the past; and perhaps what you can do to better serve their needs. Action: See a trend that fits your company, act on it.
  8. Get listed in Google My Business. Boost your online presence 10-fold by listing your company of Google My Business. It is a free service by Google and extremely simple to set up and manage.

Barbara Brooks, Founder & CEO of SecondAct|Women