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5 Best Apps for Working Moms & Entrepreneurs 

“The juggle is real”, said a friend of mine about her life as an ambitious working mom. I couldn’t agree more. I am an overachiever, so I like to excel at what I do professionally but also excel at being a parent.

I‘m going to let you in on a little-known fact: a successful juggle requires you to do two things: First,  rule your time. Yep, the same old conversation about planning and time management again! Second, rule your mind.

Ruling your mind in my view is the foundation of all successful endeavors; motherhood, entrepreneurship, relationships, self-confidence, the list goes on and on.

The good news is that there is an app for that. Well, lots of apps, for both, actually. I use a few that I am happy to share with you in this blog that will help you all working moms, working parents, entrepreneurs, and busy people all around, boost productivity and happiness.

These apps help with the foundational piece, the mind, as well as the execution of your tasks so that you are productive and happy.

1. Insight Timer
By far, my favorite app to help you with whatever chatter is going on in your mind. There are literally thousands of meditations, talks, lessons, music pieces, and circles available to you in that app and you can select and try as many as you would like.

The app is free but the paid version ($59.99 per year) gives you more features such as 10-day lessons and other benefits.

I use this app daily for my morning meditation and when I need answers to something that is bugging me internally. My son and I have also used this app to meditate together and even on nights that he is struggling to fall asleep. Highly recommended!!!

2. I am App
This is a great app for those of us who need a little boost of inspiration and motivation during the day.

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey and our inner judge gets quite busy when the going gets tough. “Are you made for this?”, “Can you succeed in this?”, “What in the world are you doing? Go get a job” and tons more.

The I Am app sends you daily affirmations several times a day in the form of push notifications and they are so welcomed. The app gives you 3 days of free trial and the annual subscription is only $19.99. So far I am loving it.

You all know, I am a pen and paper type of person but I must admit, this app can easily replace my pen and paper and become my go-to to-do list.

The user interface is super simple and the app integrates with your other tools such as Google Calendar, Slack, or WhatsApp. What I love about this app is that they are working on a way to integrate work tasks with home tasks in a way that is intuitive and helpful.

We talk a lot about work-life integration, don’t we? Now there is an app for it.

4. Audible
I love this app! As a busy mom and busy entrepreneur, I often have to double-up on how I use my time.

Before the pandemic when we would get behind the wheel and drive to places, I would often use the time to listen to audiobooks.

Audible is an amazing app for it. I have to admit, for $14.99 per month, it is a bit pricey but I find it worthwhile to be able to download so many books and listen to them in an on-demand fashion.

Audible is owned by Amazon (feels like everyone is these days) and for that reason, it integrates with Alexa beautifully. These days, I use this app when I am doing something that is brainless and not quite enjoyable such as loading the dishwasher late at night or when I take my dog out for a long walk.

You can find all the books that I recommended last week on Audible. Give their free trial a try and let me know what you think.

5. Call Emmy
Well, yes, I am biased but do you blame me?

Call Emmy is the only app that matches vetted and trusted local household service providers with busy parents and professionals just by a few clicks. Do you want your laundry done? Call Emmy! Cleaning? Call Emmy! Chores? You get the idea.

Not only does Call Emmy help you, the busy bee, get 10+ hours back into your week, it also provides economic and growth opportunities for women-owned businesses.

To date, all Call Emmy “fairies” are under-represented founders. You get $10 off your first booking so don’t wait.

Arezou Zarafshan is a SecondActWomen Insider Member, Founder and CEO of Call Emmy, mother, wife, data junkie, advocate for women and the underrepresented, in love with life and all the adventures in it.