One Day. Seven Self-Care Events and Experiences

All under one roof, join us as we bring together coaches in their 40s and 50s like you, to help unpack middlescence and life at 40+ by tapping into your own personal wellbeing practices.


Ditch the yoga, green juice, and face goop. Okay, don’t ditch the yoga, but as the author of, I Am F*cking Radiant, says, today’s self-care is all about taking care of yourself in whatever way you need to feel good. 

So, for one day unplug. Go off the grid and withdraw from your responsibilities of building your business, career, or who knows what, and all the obligations of everyday life for this one day with your second act sisters OVER 40.

Unplug Retreat Tickets

It's you-time with the girls and we've got you set up, sister

  • Hands-on workshops all day and that includes an ART session
  • Girl Gab panel discussions 
  • Tips, tools, and done-for-you worksheets including a Fall Live Life List (we never call it a bucket list)
  • Self + Care Starter Kit that you’re creating at the retreat
  • Biometrics health screenings by Inner City Health Care 
  • Swag including The Mindfulness Journal by Corrine Sweet of Random House
  • Connecting with your community of kickass women over 40
  • Lite bites, coffee, and tea (brown bag your lunch my dear)

Unplug Retreat Schedule

Saturday, September 10 | 8:30 am to 3 pm Live in Highlands Ranch


Yoga and Meditation

Kick start the day with what else but good ‘ol fashioned calisthenics. Yep. We used that word. Powered by Inner City Health Care

convos AND caffeine

Girlfriend PANEL Gab About Life at 40+

Middlescence, yes, that’s a thing, is a tricky little sucker and we’re kicking things off by talking about it and we mean all of it. Mental health, menopause, caregiving, romance and personal care. It’s about learning to lean on one another and find a few solutions to living our lives in full color because we know, society says we’re over the hill. 

Let’s get REAL, girlfriend about our 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Moderator: Barbara Brooks, 55, SecondActWomen | Panel: Guadalupe Hirt, 49, SecondActWomen, Kami Guildner Coaching, 49, Michelle Vos, 53, Jess Bonasso 49, Verona Matthews, 42, SecondActWomen.

pen and paper workshop

Life at 40+ Self-Audit for Selfish Living

Self-reflection time! In this hand-on, pull out your pen and get ready for a realness workshop, where you’re auditing life’s key areas. The exercise helps you gauge where you are today and by that, we mean in business, career, fun & adventure, personal growth, and three more life categories – and ways to tap in to areas of opportunity for an expanded life experience and SELFISHNESS. Plus, you’ll have the makings of a Self-Care Plan to boot.

Led by Barbara Brooks and Guadalupe Hirt, SecondActWomen.

HANDS-ON workshop

Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage Using Your Enneagram Blueprint

An Enneagram are personality test in essence. Remember the Myers-Briggs? It’s deeper than that and when you grab your retreat ticket, you’ll receive a link to take your own Enneagram test. 

In this workshop, Jess Bonasso, 49, The Self Care Goddess will help you shift your perspective on its meaning to gain ‘self’ clarity from your Enneagram number. It’s found that understanding your underlying behaviors and patterns may be sabotaging your own growth, happiness, and what you deem as a successful life.

Get ready to uncover a new path that inspires you to reclaim your need for self+care and stop setting yourself up for failure.

crafting workshop

Art Therapy

She’s crafty! We know. You have the Beastie Boys in your head now like an earworm.  In this sesh, you’re taking a moment to do the fun things you loved doing as a kid. You’ll pick your pleasure of finger painting, drawing, coloring, play doh’ing or writing notes to free your mind and chill for 45 minutes. Led by YOU. Yep it’s free-time for everyone.


Lunch Bites

Bring your bites and enjoy the outdoors with your new girlfriends.

working WORKSHOP

Putting Your Self + Care Plan to Work

Upping your mental game to keep your plan going strong is what this event is all about as Michelle Vos helps you up your mental game to sustain your care plan (or create one), in this working session with the ah-ma-zing, Michelle Vos, 52. In her experiential workshop, you’re going to break the old cycle that’s keeping you from doing what you know to do. You are your longest-running relationship after all!  Uncover the “real” action steps needed to support yourself in becoming the woman you know you can BE – or boost where you’re at today. A good bubble bath can create space and connection to yourself, but what you think, feel and believe will make the actual difference, yourself. 

very hands-on WORKSHOP


You’re creating your own At-Home Self+Care Toolkit. Make sure you bring a notepad, journal, or sketchbook; a book you’re reading (or wanting to read), a small empty jar, and something you would use in a weekly self-care routine.

Oh, and we’re providing a few more things to add thanks to our partners to keep YOU at the forefront of your own caregiving journey.  

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Unplug Retreat Tickets

Saturday, September 10 from 8:15 am to 3:30pm
Live at Highlands Ranch Library Event Center and Outdoors

Seven Hands-On Workshops and a Girl Gab Panel Discussion

Free Swag from SecondActWomen, Random House, and Douglas County Libraries

Self + Care Starter Kit

Connecting with Women Just Like You

Lite Bites and Beverages

[Bring your brown bag lunch]

Hosted by SecondActWomen, Douglas County Libraries, Random House, and Inner City Health Care, See you at Unplug

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