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The countdown is on for Career Camp 2022 and you've got to be there

It's the Event for Seasoned Professional Women 40 & 50+

Are you struggling to find a job? Thinking of leaving your job or changing careers at 40+, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. SecondActWomen’s Career Camp was created for women just like you who may feel stuck or frustrated, but are ready to take their career to the next level. 

Designed by and for women over 40, this two-day event showcases a power-house lineup of pro-age authors, ageism experts and corporate leaders. We’ve gathered them for the sole purpose of helping you, you fabulous woman 40 & 50+, pursue the career you want and deserve in your second act. 

Our presenters are ready to dish on everything from maintaining your confidence during a job search, to switching careers after 40, negotiating your salary without hesitation, working for a younger boss, and more. 

At Career Camp, you’ll be part of an immersive, two-day event chock-full of workshops, panels, tools, resources, and collaborative circles purposefully curated to give you the career boost you need to help you start making power moves.


Career Camp is an EXPERIENCE

At SecondActWomen, we believe that age is your superpower…on the job and in real life. But, even superpowers get put to the test. We know that searching for a job or switching careers at 40 & 50+ can be challenging, exhausting and downright frustrating, especially when workplace realities like ageism work against us. 

But, we have good news though! There are things you can do to push back on ageist beliefs, market your experience, build intergenerational bridges, and land the job. 

At Career Camp, our experts will guide you through high-value workshops, convos, and exercises designed to: 

  • Assess where you’re at today in your career.
  • Develop a career action plan to get you to where you want to go tomorrow.
  • Connect you with other like-minded women vested in your success.
But first, check out this video for a little pick-me-up and reminder that you’ve got this…and you matter.
career camp presenters

Gracing the live and virtual stage

Industry authors, leaders, experts and journalists share trends, advice and tools to advance your career at 40 & 50+ including Kerry Hannon with Yahoo! and author of the book, In CONTROL at 50+, How to Succeed in the New World of Work, Quinn Slaughter, group leader, DE&I at Western Union, Janine Vanderburg, executive director of Changing the Narrative, Catherine Collison, CEO and president of Transamerica Institute, and more.

Did you know?
You're 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down?

rethink your career approach

Set a plan to get to where you want to go

Goal setting is one of the most important steps when searching for a job or changing careers. Surprisingly, it’s the step many people skip. Understanding your goals sets your intentions, drives your actions and brings you closer to success. 

At Career Camp, you’ll access SecondActWomen’s exclusive signature Career Compass Assessment. We designed it specifically for the professional woman over 40. You’ll gain access to tools, worksheets and coaches to help evaluate your current efforts, elevate your mindset and set career goals that drive positive outcomes.     

career compass assessment

SecondActWomen’s four-step signature framework designed to help you reflect, refocus and set SMART-ER career goals

worksheets, tools & more

Expert-developed career worksheets, checklists and tools to help you take stock of your skills and put your best foot forward

career & Life coaches list

Career and life coaches ready to share insights, best practices and advice to help you design and achieve the career you seek in your second act

Did you know?
Teams with geographical diversity, different genders and races,
as well as an age gap of at least 20 years, are 87% better decision-makers

sell your age as the x-factor

Play the age card to your advantage

As professional women 40 & 50+, we know gendered ageism in the workplace is real. But that truth doesn’t have to be your reality. 

Now is not the time to sit on the career sidelines and let others dictate your future. It’s YOUR time now to engage, stay informed, level up your skills and remind corporate America that the acquired skills, wisdom, connections, and experience that come with age are highly-valuable professional commodities. 

7 Pro-Age Workshops and Convos

Seven interactive 50-minute workshops led by pro-age authors, industry experts, and corporate leaders ready to share insights, best practices and tips to take your career next level.

3 Career Expert Panels

Three insightful 50-minute panels and discussions that bring institutional and corporate leaders together to share insights on cultivating a multigenerational workplace, recruitment and HR tips to land the job, and returnships after 40.

Career Starter Book

Buy a copy of In Control at 50+, a book by Career Camp presenter Kerry Hannon, a workplace futurist and renowned expert on business, careers, and personal finance, and get it signed at Career Camp! In her latest book, she combines all her insights and skills to help you actively shape your work future into what you want it to be.  

BONUS for SecondActWomen Insiders Members. You get a complimentary copy of Kerry’s book included with registration. Not a member, learn more HERE.

Did you know?
Your chances of completing a goal go up to 95%
when you make a commitment to an accountability partner?

succeed with support

Surround yourself with more like-minded women

We know there’s nothing you can’t accomplish on your own, but isn’t the journey better when you have a group you can lean on during the good, the bad and the ugly? 

At SecondActWomen, we believe community and unwavering support are true gamechangers. There’s undeniable power in a pack, especially when that pack is made up of other women 40 & 50+ going through similar experiences. 

career camp circles

Post-Career Camp support and accountability groups made up of 5-6 Career Camp attendees ready to help you achieve your goals

Private facebook group

One-month post-Career Camp private Facebook group for all attendees to access materials, stay connected, share tips, and wins

Social hour networking

A networking social during Career Camp for guests attending the event in person to meet, mingle and connect with other women

Shout out to our fab Career Camp sponsors!

We can’t do what we do without the support of amazing companies like these. Thank you for recognizing the value seasoned professional women over 40 bring to the workplace. 

real career camp success stories

The impact of Career Camp in their own words

“I’ve got two big words to describe the SAW Career Boot Camp – LIFE CHANGER! This group, led by Barbara and Lupe – helped me to uncover confidence that had become buried in self-doubt during the pandemic. (During which I turned 50!)

Since attending the Career Camp Workshop in 2021, my career has skyrocketed! During the full-day workshop, I was introduced to passionate leaders from their vast community of professionals, as well as great new friends. Joy, success & confidence have returned in abundance.”

“Making the commitment to join Second Act Women and attend Career Camp to upskill my job-hunting efforts was a valuable investment. The sessions empowered me to focus my time, multiply my efforts, and quickly upskill in today’s technology-driven career search market. Within 60 days I had multiple written offers, I was invited to present to a master’s-level class on my unconventional job search tactics, and I ultimately accepted an offer with a 40% salary increase and generous signing bonus.”

“I am  happy that I attended the Career Camp. The session topics were relevant, informative and encouraging. 

Also, to be surrounded by amazing women and feel their strength was amazing. Not only was it empowering, the new sisterhood you come away with is indescribable.” 

Get your Career Camp pass today

Whether you want to join us in person in Denver or want to join us from the comfort of your home, we’ve got you covered. Peruse the options below to pick the best way for you to experience Career Camp. 

ATTENTION: SecondActWomen Insiders Members use promo code listed in the Facebook Group to save 30% on your IRL or virtual tickets! Not a member? No prob, visit our membership page to learn more!

In-Person Passes

In-Person Pass

Join us LIVE at Microsoft's South Denver offices
$ 179 One (1) live two-day event pass
  • Full access in-person pass
  • In-Control at 50+ book
  • Career club collaborative circle
  • Private Facebook attendee group
  • Career and life coaches list
  • Friday night social hour pass
  • In-person networking
  • Daily lite bites, coffee and tea
join us IRL

In-Person Buddy Pass

Join us LIVE WITH A FRIEND at Microsoft's South Denver offices
$ 286 Two (2) live two-day passes
  • All the same perks as the single pass x2!
save 20%

Virtual Passes

Virtual Pass

Join us VIRTUAL via Microsoft's Teams app
$ 139 One (1) virtual two-day event pass
  • Full access in-person pass
  • In-Control at 50+ book
  • Career club collaborative circle
  • Private Facebook attendee group
  • Career and life coaches list
go online

Virtual Buddy Pass

Join us VIRTUAL via Microsoft's Teams app
$ 222 Two (2) virtual two-day event passes
  • All the same perks as the single pass x2!
save 20%

Other ways to get involved with SecondActWomen

Beyond attending Career Camp, here’s a few more ways to get to know SecondActWomen and this fab community of nearly 10,000+ (and growing.) We’re waiting for you!