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Tap into entrepreneurship, career + life tools, resources, convos and networks to ReThink, ReTool and ReBoot your life with a hefty splash of social fun to boot.

Membership has its priviledges and we're working on new perks every month to elevate your BizLife.

Covering three areas to elevate you, girlfriend here are your big-fat perks...

Education & Development

Advancing GenX and Boomers is our jam and we have a ton of programs to get you skilled-up like never before to launch a business, get promoted or land your next big career.

  • Attend business and career workshops, sessions and panels curated just for women 40 & 50+ that are included in your membership (we add a bit more to the events with our new BizLife format)
  • Get big discounts to our course series (coming in January 2021)
  • Watch free business, career and life videos by experts in their fields - and women 40 & 50+s in the video library
  • Get free business and life done-for-you printables and downloads
    Submit a workshop idea and potentially lead a session

Digital Content

We're broadcasting trending BizLife news, information and announcements by and for women 40 & 50+ to our members and the world and offering Insider members the opportunity to be apart of our messaging.

  • Submit a blog for our email 1,900+ subscriber newsletter and website - calling attention to you and your business
  • Win a spot on The Morning Cup with Barbara & Lupe to talk up your company or a hot topic of choice (airs Thursdays at 9am MT on the Facebook group page)
  • Stay in the know by reading the latest on the Insider Facebook Group page and our weekly Insider member newsletter
  • Promote your products and services across our digital platforms for free and highly-discounted rates

Signature Events & Connecting

NetWORKing boosts the brand and we're hosting various events, fireside chats and unique programs to get you noticed and connected with like-minded women.

  • Get free and highly discounted tickets to SecondActWomen and partner events
  • Member seating and perks to IRL events powered by SecondActWomen
  • List your business on SecondActWomen's website directory
  • Connect with the community in the member-only "Hot Topic Fireside Chats"
  • Insider member celebrations (IRL or virtual - depending)

And more...

As if all of the workshops, socials and relevant content to get you moving and grooving wasnt' enough, we've got MORE!

  • Founding member status for first 500
  • $180 forever annual fee for founding Insider members
  • Cross-promotional marketing opportunities online and offline
  • Space at WorkAbility, our headquarters to work from last Friday each month (masked-up)
  • The book, Start With Why by Simon Sinek courtesy of our partners, Douglas County Libraries
  • Signature #ageless graphic tee
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Join our digital tribes! We are connecting women wherever they are in the world and we're serving up a safe space to for deep convos, information, tips and trends for us -- women 40 & 50+.

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