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Business club by and for women 40 & 50+

You’re in your 40s, 50s, and beyond. And so are we.

We’re here to help spur your business and big ideas providing small business best practices, coaching, and a dynamic community. Led by and for women over 40, here to help you foster business growth. And because we’re one of you, we lend a helping hand to maneuver through middlescence and advocate for yourself. Sadly, gendered ageism is the new sexism. But #WomenDontExpire. Instead, we’re unstoppable.

How we help middlescent women

We teach small business growth, digital marketing, and visibility practices to gain traction.

Grab a live or virtual seat at our peer-to-peer small business development conventions, boot camps, and special events. And access tailor-made tools, worksheets, and done-for-you templates to go further faster in your business.

Imposter Syndrom. Menopause. Caregiving. Living life in full color at 40+.

We connect, conversate, and collaborate as midlife-questing women inside our private Insider membership community. Plus, get personal development resources and tools and access to coaches like you who’ve been there, done that, and are still moving.

We’re committed to working with your DEI and ERG group to advance seasoned employees and better your intergenerational team dynamics.

Led by Barbara Brooks, SecondActWomen’s founder, business coach, and presenter, she delivers high-energy career vision, career ownership, personal branding, and visibility workshops to boost confidence and productivity. Currently, she’s working with Western Union’s ERG Women’s group and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion teams. (New program coming in February)

Business and life events for women over 40

We want to meet you.

Join us at our next event! We have plenty coming your way, sister.

An exclusive business club for women 40s, 50s and 60+

Jump in and become an Insider. You’ll connect with some of the most amazing women like you who’ve been there. Done that and looking for more – or not. You can’t put baby in a corner.

Either way, it’s a different kind of businesswomen’s club. We talk about leaving corporate, starting businesses from scratch and making it work, and having honest conversations about menopause, depression,  and imposter syndrome. Life at 40+ gets messy, and we’re here to lean on each other in business and everywhere in between, sister. 

You are unstoppable.

Watch why we built our second act community

Our members are bold, strong and real like you

Verona Matthews, Michelle Vos, Jess Bonasso (left to right), and our entire community of Insider members are rethinking, reinventing, and rebooting in their second act. And we welcome you to join us on our journey.

You're the future at 40+

Advocating, showcasing and helping women bloom in middlescence

Helloooo! I’m Barbara, and in chapter 56. I’m a public speaker, business coach, pro-age advocate, goal-getter, and the founder of SecondActWomen. You are welcome here.

I started the company because I COULDN’T GET HIRED at 51 in 2018. Instead of job offers, I got Dear Jan letters – if I received anything at all, frankly. Most emails said I was either “too experienced, not experienced, or we went in another direction. Either way, you’re probably picking up what we’re putting down. AGEISM. So, I decided to do something about it by creating SecondActWomen to provide a space for us. A community for us to bloom (again), collaborate, support, and educate.

By the way, our brand values are to be confident, be daring, be bold, be you, and to BE. 


Barbara Brooks, 56 and the founder of SecondActWomen and business coach

Women 40 & 50+ are gaining recognition

Facebook welcomed SecondActWomen into the Meta family

14,000 Facebook communities applied. Only 31 made the cut to take part in their community accelerator program. Together with our business coaches at Facebook worked to build a stronger second act community and thanks to the grant received, we were afforded the opportunity to hire from within our very own second act community.

Next Avenue by PBS recognized SecondActWomen as 2021 Influencers in Aging

Since 2015, Next Avenue, an online media platform part of PBS, has recognized influencers advocating for age positivity. In 2021, the co-founders of SA|W, Barbara Brooks, and Guadalupe Hirt joined this distinguished list of honorees.

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Our mission

Last March, we kicked off Women’s History Month on the Kathie J. Show and shared our vision for you – women 40+. Give it a quick watch to learn a wee bit more about Barbara and now former co-founder turned Insider member Guadalupe Hirt. 

Like many of our women, Lupe struggled to find her second act after burnout. She decided it was her time to discover herself, which she does as a member of the company she helped get here.

“Women supporting women, especially in a generation left to fend for themselves, creates a powerful force of unstoppable females. That’s what makes our community dynamic.”
Barbara Brooks, 56, Founder & CEO of SecondActWomen