Share your smarts with our Career Camp guests

We know that this group has many ah-mazing career and life coaches, and we know that your expert insights and guidance can be game changers for women feeling stuck. Whether that’s updating a resume, working through confidence issues, or creating strategies to navigate burnout, we want fabulous coaches like all of you to help our Career Camp attendees tap into expert support and guidance to go next level. WHO’S IN?

Here’s how we’re promoting you!

SecondActWomen will compile a comprehensive Career Camp Coaches’ List that will include all the details requested below and complete the following : 


  • Spotlight the Career Camp Coaches’ List in SecondActWomen’s socials and newsletters leading up to Career Camp

During Event:

  • We will promote the Career Camp Coaches’ List in various ways
  • If you attend, we will set aside a specific time on Friday for you to deliver a 15-second intro with the other attending coaches


  • Post a link and a downloadable PDF of the Career Camp Coaches’ List inside the private Career Camp Facebook Group that will be active for one month post-event
  • Include the full listing in the Career Camp toolkit that will be emailed to all guests
  • Send a separate email two days later to all guests inviting them to take advantage of the 20-minute complimentary session you’ve agreed to offer

What am I committing too?

By completing the form below, you agree to:

  • Offer a 20-minute complimentary session (in person or virtual) for every attendee that books a session
  • Share with SecondActWomen the number of leads/wins I secure from this marketing opportunity


  • This marketing opportunity is exclusively for SecondActWomen Insiders Members
  • All coaches applying MUST HAVE a minimum of one year of experience coaching 
Career Camp Coach Listing
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Disclaimer: Participation in this offer is not a guarantee you will receive an appointment and/or get additional business.