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Michelle Fox, InsidersClub Manager

When I was in second grade, I beat a boy to become the fastest person in my class.  His name was Mike Schmidt.  Mike and I would often compete during recess for fun.  Sometimes he would win and sometimes I would.  It was usually playful.  When he would win he would shrug as if to say, “Of course I won, I’m a boy.”  When I won our friends would tease that he just got beat by a girl.  It was always fun, until it wasn’t. Keep reading.

Barbara Brooks, Founder SecondAct|Women

We want to help you get hired and collected some of the top recommendations from various recruiters and hiring managers. Turning them into action steps, we're hopeful these tips will land you your next big gig. Keep reading.

To Goal or Not to Goooooooal?
Guadalupe Hirt, Co-founder SecondAct|Women

If you were to ask me if I have goals, I would unequivocally answer “of course!” But unlike my work wife, I’m not a plan girl. I’m not the type to sit and hash out my goals, meaning, I don’t create methodical plans or vision boards to get me from point A to B. I went from mid-woman on the totem pole at public relations agencies to entrepreneur and so I never really had to create goal plans. As an entrepreneur for the past 25 years, I simply just did what I needed to do to get me to my goal or to complete the project. Surprise or not surprise, this approach worked for me. Keep reading.

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Lisa Striegl, Microsoft
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