Finally! A conference just for us  
Nation's first business and lifestyle conference for women 40 & 50+
Countdown to July 17. It's on like Donkey Kong
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It's back and big

Business, career and lifestyle event taking you to the next level.

Time to take your professional and personal game to the next level. Back for number three, BizLifeCon provides unique learning, career building and socializing tailored exclusively for the woman over 40 & 50+. There is currently no other conference - literally, like this that's designed to fill your cup.

We're talking interactive workshops, roundtable discussions, morning mimosas, one-on-one coaching sessions, experiential pop-ups, comedy, digital playbook takeaway and more! We could keep raving, but you just need to experience it to believe it!

Event agenda
Two-day conference. Countless light-bulb moments.
Dare to be, think and learn differently. This conference is all about you and giving you access to the topics, ideas, solutions and knowledge that will help you stay relevant, focused and moving forward. You got this! We got you!

Business & Career

  • Startup - it's your time to be the boss
  • Ageism at work and what to do about it
  • Trademarking and business operations
  • How to pivot into your next career
  • Business and tech hacks 101
  • Becoming a speaker in a virtual world
  • Hacking your biz idea

Life & Self

  • Write a book - you've got a story to tell
  • Living with mental health
  • Finding the right coach
  • Organization - getting your s*#t in order
  • Is self-care selfish - NOPE
  • A women's event just for us!

    We know you're a badass, but even badass women can benefit from a little skills polishing.

  • A sisterhood awaits you. 

    Birds of a feather, flock together. We are waiting for you!

  • You're #ageless, sister.

    Age is just a number. Better yet, it's just another level up in the game of life.

  • Women speaking to you.

    Real women talking about real and relevant topics that matters to us.

  • Learning. Laughing. Getting Life Done.

    This is our time. What will you do in your Second Act?

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Why should you attend yet another women's conference?

We know. Another women's conference, but have you ever attended a conference that is tailored to meet the particular professional and lifestyle needs of women not by gender, ethnicity, or industry/trade, but rather by age? That is the unique beauty of BizLifeCon. We don't just provide the knowledge to upskill, we add in a splash of life  and fun to help you live life in full color.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Any Conference

1. Network... Meet like-minded people and industry peers in a space dedicated to connecting. 

2. Expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems... Learn about new products or approaches to address current issues or take into consideration for future planning. 

3. Present your ideas and work to others... Test drive your elevator pitch and/or work to present your product, service or idea in a workshop or session to garner interest.

4. For people to meet you... Whether you're a business owner, executive at a company, or returning to work, you may meet someone during the break, sitting next to you, at lunch or wherever and within minutes make a connection that could dramatically impact your business, career or life. 

5. Learn beyond your field of interest... Expand your perspective by stepping into opportunities, discussions or sessions that fall outside of your current scope to support your professional development.

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Lifestyle & Self
  • Mindful outings including hikes, meditation, and yoga 
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Socials & Sips
  • Private member-only socials
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  • Casual business connecting with other awesome women
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We're on a mission to set the record straight about women 40 & 50+. The time is now to challenge status quo and reclaim our narrative. We know we're preaching to the choir when we say that life is just getting started and we're done being told otherwise.

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"Very uplifting and empowering to have been part of this wonderful gathering of amazing women!"
Lisa Striegl, Microsoft

SecondAct|Women is a subsidiary of Bloom+Co Presents, a minority- and female-owned company based at WorkAbility Co-working space (also femaled-owned). 1576 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203