Reclaiming 2020: Ending the Year Stronger

An event for you, Gen X women

Micro-Workshops, live connections, entertainment and more!

You’ve dug deep. Shown real grit, and realized you're a lot stronger than what you thought, and the year ain’t over. The countdown is on until we ring in 2021. Now, the question is, "How are you closing out the year?"

Time for a big-picture jam session to pump you up, get you focused and level up your game to end 2020 on your terms. Packed with live sessions covering top-of-mind topics like finding your next big move, driving leads on LinkedIn and detoxifying from negative thinking to styling up for a new season, enlisting new productivity habits and transitioning careers your way, BizLifeCon is YOUR virtual launch pad to crush 2020!

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BizLifeCon Keynotes
Tony Award-winning actress and HBO's first C-level female executive
lead BizLifeCon and WOW do they have a lot to share
Morning Keynote | The Natural Superiority of Womyn
During the past 25 years, Tonya has traveled the world from Russia to India, Norway to China and even the Ozarks of Missouri participating in circles aimed at empowering women to reconnect with their sacred feminine power and wisdom. During her keynote, Tonya Pinkins will talk about her journey and the powerful tools she’s acquired along the way that change lives for the better. And you may remember her from All My Children too.
Afternoon Keynote | What’s Your Next Move? 
Ready or not, we all go through numerous transitions in our lives. Whatever the circumstances, navigating this gray zone of transitions can be difficult, presenting us with new problems and demanding us to respond in new ways. Join us as former HBO EVP Shelley Brindle shares her story and lessons learned transitioning from corporate into a public service role as the first female Mayor of Westfield, N.J.
Micro-Workshop Leaders
That's right. Micro-workshops. We know you have a lot going on and Zoom attention spans run slim, so our leaders are providing power-pack sessions jammed with valuable info in 25 minutes.
5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Style
Fashion knows no age. Before you start ditching beloved pieces from your wardrobe or spending a fortune trying to reinvent your look, join fashion guru Erin Busbee as she offers wardrobe tips to help you sharpen your look at 40 & 50+ even if it’s behind a screen. Learn how to determine your body shape, edit, and style your closet and incorporate new styling tips to boost your look and your confidence. 
Returnships: Tips & Programs to Get Back to Work
What exactly is a returnship? To date, more than 70 companies worldwide offer returnships so what can you do to improve your odds for landing a coveted spot in one of these programs. Join Liz Markus and learn why companies like Johnson & Johnson are launching returnships, and how their Re-Ignite Returnship Program works.  
5 Habits to Squash Self-Doubt 
How many of your dreams haven’t seen the light of day because of self-doubt? You would think that at 40 & 50+ your self-doubt would have diminished, but it hasn’t. Why? Join Guadalupe Hirt as she shares simple yet effective habits that will give you the courage to show up and contribute in a way that creates meaningful impact.
6 Keys to a Spirit Driven Life, Biz & Bank Account 
What would be possible for you if you stepped fully into your divine inspired potential? If you want to achieve your greatest and most fulfilling vision you must become the person that can reach, sustain, and fulfill that vision. Join Michelle Vos as she offers simple techniques and strategies to focus attention, boost efficiency and re-center your thoughts.  
Last 70-day: Goal Getting & Vision Boarding
“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” The countdown is on to end 2020 on your terms. Join Barbara Brooks and learn goal setting and vision boarding tips, tricks, and tidbits to reclaim 2020 and hit your goals. But it all starts with writing them down! Bring one goal to the session and let’s get it broken down into actionable steps to end this year strong. 
Build Your Brand with LinkedIn 
LinkedIn is regarded the top networking platform for business professionals. Join Mari Blum and learn practical tips to develop a stellar profile that gets you noticed. But the buck doesn’t stop there! You’ll also learn how to grow your professional LinkedIn skills, build your online brand, effectively engage with your network, and sharpen your online profile resume. 
SEO 101: Tips to Boost Google Rankings 
You’ve probably been told that SEO is a vital digital marketing tool to boost your website ranking on Google. But do you know why it’s vital? Join SEO Google expert Jennifer Croft as she walks you through the basics of SEO and best practices you can employ now to get your website to the top of Google including keywords, and content tips.
Energy Management 101: Worn Out Wonder Women
If wearing multiple hats has you feeling stressed out, disconnected or exhausted, it might be time for a self-rescue. No time like the present to re-prioritize yourself and identify everyday life drains that are zapping your energy. Join Jess Bonasso as she shares ways to identify and “plug” these drains so you can better manage your life.
Another Zoom Call? On-camera Pro Make-Up Tips
Do you want to show up for your business each day on zoom and social media as your most confident and authentic self? I’m going to be covering key do’s and don’ts and teaching easy ways makeup can be used to help you elevate your on-camera glam.

9 Annoying Ways Your Body Change and What to Do About It 

Changes in hair texture, steady decline in bone density, and skin discoloration are frustrating – and totally normal. Somewhere north of 40, you might find yourself going through a cascade of changes, many of which can leave us feeling frustrated, uncomfortable, and depressed, if we let them. Join Sonsoles Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of Better Not Younger, Mary Smith, CEO & Founder of Ostego and Janelle Devlin, RN/BSN, Founding Leader of Amare Global as they dish on hair, bone, and skin care reality checks and tips to age gracefully.

9 Annoying Ways Your Body Change and What to Do About It 

Changes in hair texture, steady decline in bone density, and skin discoloration are frustrating – and totally normal. Somewhere north of 40, you might find yourself going through a cascade of changes, many of which can leave us feeling frustrated, uncomfortable, and depressed, if we let them. Join Sonsoles Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of Better Not Younger, Mary Smith, CEO & Founder of Ostego and Janelle Devlin, RN/BSN, Founding Leader of Amare Global as they dish on hair, bone, and skin care reality checks and tips to age gracefully.

Entertainment, Relaxation & Socials
Musical Special Performance
Music is magical. It's transformative. It's our gift to you. Join us as vocal powerhouse AND Barbara Brooks' cousin Cheeka Hunt, founder and CEO of Cheeka Hunt Ministries as she takes the virtual stage from Houston to share her talents. The song! Just wait until you hear it. The founders of SecondActWomen pay tribute to all you amazing badass women facing it all!
Power Moves to Wake Up Strong
Let's get you pumped up! Join Theresa Byrne, certified Mental Fitness Coach and Master Instructor in self-defense/martial arts and engage in power moves designed to help you take back your power one punch at a time. Learn how to let go of what no longer serves you by physically moving energy out of your body through choreographed moves and verbal commands.
Virtual Yoga Snacks
Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Join Nikki Aiello as she gets you up and out of your chair or sofa, and gets your body moving with a yummy virtual yoga snack.
Eating to Heal Menopause 
Nearly two-thirds of women over 40 begin to experience symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats or fatigue from the “BIG M.” But did you know you can curb these effects by what you put in your mouth? Join culinary nutritionist Michelle Fox and learn how to start your day off right with a hearty smoothie recipe that scores high on nutrients and taste
 Cocktail | Mocktail-Making Social Hour

Yes, girl, yes! We're learning how to make an authentic Paloma Fresca and a Mocktail Mojito with our very own Jesus Gutierrez with 3 Margaritas Broomfield!

Recipes coming in your registration email to make sure you have all the goods to make one heckuva cocktail/mocktail to raise a glass with us.

Live bartender showcase starting at 4:45PM. Stick around for the fun!

On the agenda
Girlfriend, get ready because we got you covered


INNER WARRIOR | Power Moves to Wake Up Strong
Theresa Byrne, CEO, InPower


FUEL YOUR BODY | Eating to Heal Menopause
Michelle Fox, Student at Academy of Culinary Nutrition


Barbara Brooks + Guadalupe Hirt, Creators of SecondActWomen


SPEED NETWORKING | Get To Know Your Tribe
Live meet and greets in breakout rooms


KEYNOTE | The Natural Superiority of Womyn
Tonya Pinkins, Television, Film and Theater Actor, Author and Director, The Natural Superiority of Womyn, Red Pill


SELF-DEVELOPMENT | 5 Habits To Squash Self-Doubt
Guadalupe Hirt, Co-founder and CCO, SecondActWomen


BRAND MANAGEMENT | Build Your Brand with LinkedIn
Mari Blum, Training Team Manager, Microsoft


MENTAL RESET | 6 Keys to Achieve a Spirit Driven Life, Business and Bank Account 
Michelle Vos, CEO & Founder, Vos Coaching & Consulting


RECESS | Fun, Giveaways, Games And Breaktime


HEALTH  | 9 Annoying Ways Your Body Changes And What To Do About It
Sonsoles Gonzales, Founder & CEO, Better Not Younger, Mary Smith, CEO & Founder, Ostego and Janelle Devlin, Founder, Amare Global


LIFE & STYLE  | 5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Style
YouTube Style Star Erin Busbee, Founder & CEO, Busbee Style

LUNCH & BREAKTIME FUN | Recipes Coming To Your Inbox Soon

BOOST BUSINESS | SEO 101: How To Boost Your Google Search Rankings
Jennifer Croft, Founder, 5-Minute Classes


MIND & BODY | Energy Management 101 for Worn Out Working Wonder Women
Jess Bonasso, Author & Speaker, Brave Life Consulting


CAREER | Returnships: Get Back To Work With Tips & Programs Like Re-Ignite
Liz Markus, Director of Re-Ignite, Johnson & Johnson


KEYNOTE | What’s Your Next Move? From HBO EVP To First Female Mayor
Shelley Brindle, Mayor, Westfield New Jersey 


RECESS | Live music with Cheeka Hunt, yoga snacks with Nikki Aiello and giveaways with Barbara & Guadalupe


PRODUCTIVITY | Last 70-days: Goal-Getting and Vision Boarding
Barbara Brooks, Founder & CEO, SecondActWomen


BEAUTY | Another Zoom Call? On-camera Pro Make-Up Tips
Stephanie Klasse, Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, KlasseMakeup    

SPEED NETWORKING | Meet, catchup, and discuss the day with your girls
THAT’S A WRAP |  with Barbara and Guadalupe
LET’S GET OUR PAR-TAY ON | Virtual Happy Hour with Cocktail and Mocktail-making with 3 Margaritas of Broomfield, Colorado
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