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Sponsor Biz+LifeCon5 (April 29, 2021) and gain exposure to our valuable community - women over 40 worth $15 trillion spending authority. Let's talk, hear your needs and customize a program just for your company.

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Biz+LifeCon5 hosts
Barbara Brook, 54 & Guadalupe Hirt, 47 with SecondActWomen
Co-founders of SecondActWomen, #workwives and best friends making it a point to help others find their purpose in their second act. They have so much in store for you too! We'll see you on October 23.
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It's your company, your career, and your lifestyle conference
...and here's why you should attend this women's event

We know. Another women's conference, but have you ever attended a conference that is tailored to meet the particular professional and lifestyle needs of women not by gender, ethnicity, or industry/trade, but rather by age? That is the unique beauty of BizLifeCon. We don't just provide the knowledge to upskill, we add in a splash of life and fun to encourage you to live life in full color.

Top 4 Reasons to Attend Any Conference

1. Network... Meet like-minded people and industry peers in a space dedicated to connecting and we're making it all possible through our conference Slack channel. 

2. Expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems... Learn about new techniques or approaches to address current issues or take into consideration for future planning. 

3. Present your ideas and work to others... Test drive your elevator pitch and/or work to present your product, service or idea on our private Slack channel for the conference.

4. Learn beyond your field of interest... Expand your perspective by stepping into opportunities, discussions or live chat sessions that fall outside of your current scope.

"Very uplifting and empowering to have been part of this wonderful gathering of amazing women!"
Lisa Striegl, Microsoft
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