We are SecondAct|Women
A female-focused company helping women upskill and pave their own path to success
Why women 40 & 50+
We know our value. Society has yet too.
We're steadily losing the opportunity to stay in the workplace, level up, pivot careers and receive funding to startup companies. We live in a youth-obsessed culture that sees women 40 & 50+ as past their prime, but nothing could be farther from the truth. We're living life in full color and don’t want to turn back the clock. After all, 53 is the new 53. 46 is the new 46. Hell, we don’t fear aging, but we do reject ageism. #knowyourvalue
Co-Founders on a mission
Changing perspectives one conversation at a time. 
We're a group of real women that are 40 & 50+ years young. We're diverse on purpose... and unstoppable always. Second business together. 10+ years of friendship. Thousands of laughs and memories. #secondact #owningmyage #betterthanever #businesswomen #workwife #ageless

Co-Founder & CCO

A 24-year public relations entrepreneur turned associate producer, author and co-founder of SecondAct|Women. Graduate of Santa Clara University.

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Our freelancing teammates
The women that stand with us to serve you.
Michelle Fox
Writer, Social Media Consultant and Executive Assistant

Michelle Fox, age 47, is a mom, partner, friend, yogi, spiritual healer and occasional chef. She also loves to write when she finds the time.  She has spent the last 25 years working in the field of financial services and now has a growing passion to help other women create wealth.

Michelle's SecondAct is a new marriage, a growing consulting practice, and a new phase of life now that her children are more independent.  She is passionate about helping others thrive and is excited to be on our team to support our members. 

Project managements' her game and we suggest Michelle for your special marketing and management projects.

Brielle Killip
Principal, Blue Linen Creative

Brielle Killip is a driven design professional who can help solve all your creative needs as the founder of Blue Linen Creative. She offers companies a fresh perspective on their branding and visual communications, and is the genius behind SecondAct|Women's branding.

With more than 15 years of experience in the design world, she has a unique background combining both business sense and creative skills. She brings both an aesthetic design focus as well as a practical, quantitative mindset that adds value to individual creative solutions.

If you're in need of a graphic designer with marketing and growth hacking acumen, we highly recommend Brielle.

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How it all came to be

Co-founders of SecondAct|Women insist on changing the narrative.

Hear how Barbara and Guadalupe started it all from passion to purpose. They share their back story with the national audience of Daily Blast Live. 

Founder, Barbara Brooks (53) and Co-founder, Guadalupe Hirt (47)

The women behind our inspiration.

A world of gratitude for these amazing women - our moms.

My backbone. My heart. My Love.

Bobbie Brooks (83) Colorado Springs by way of Houston, Texas

Mi luz. Mi guía. Mi roca.

Victoria Montes (79) San Jose by way of León, Guanajuato, MX

The pooches leading the support department.

Children come in all shapes, sizes and species.

Four pounds of sweetness

Miss Riley B. | Barbara's kiddo

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Outdoor wild child

Mr. Rigglesworth | Lupe's 'lil man

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Our message is getting out
We're elevating our collective voice one story at a time.

We're on a mission to set the record straight about women 40 & 50+. The time is now to challenge status quo and reclaim our narrative. We know we're preaching to the choir when we say that life is just getting started and we're done being told otherwise.

Click the logos to hear 'our + your' story...

"My 40s have had me jumping into my Second Act everywhere. I stopped trying to be who I thought I was supposed to be, and stepped into authenticity."

Jennifer Sparacio Lebo,  Facebook  Group Member

SecondAct|Women is a subsidiary of Bloom+Co Presents, a minority- and female-owned company based at WorkAbility Co-working space (also femaled-owned). 1576 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203 hello@secondactwomen.com